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2017 Awards & Recognition

Region V is recognizing individuals and companies for their efforts and dedication to the Voluntary Protection Program.  Award Categories are shown below. 

Safety Champion Award of Recognition (awarded to hourly individuals - limited to 5 awards in 2017)

This award recognizes hourly individuals who have significantly contributed to VPP efforts at your facility.

Outreach & Mentoring Award (awarded to a company)

This award recognizes a worksite within Region V that has shown outstanding support for VPP and the VPPPA through outreach and mentoring within Region V.

Mentor of the Year (awarded to an individual)

This award recognizes an individual who has actively mentored a company in their pursuit of VPP.  The person must be actively involved in outreach activities.

To submit an award application, please complete the form below and return it to Karen O'Hara May 1, 2017.

Karen O’Hara - Director at Large

Cintas Corporation  

office 513.573.3727 | fax 513.573.4238  


William Linneweh,
Jan 25, 2017, 8:35 AM