2017 Region V SGEs Needed

Welcome to the Region V VPPPA SGE Page.

Revised 11/14/16


The Chicago Regional Office and VPPPA have a strong interest in recruiting more Special Government Employees (SGEs) for our Region. We are increasing VPP site reviews and the priority for our Compliance Officers (CSHO) is conducting inspections. The SGE’s fill a valuable role and we have had over 100 sites evaluated with SGE assistance.


By participating in OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs site reviews, many employers have improved their workplace safety and health management systems and implemented activities or procedures that have produced outstanding results and contributed to improved safety and health for workers.
The SGE Program was established to allow industry employees to work alongside OSHA during Voluntary Protection Programs' onsite evaluations. Not only does this innovative program benefit OSHA by supplementing its on-site evaluation teams, but it gives industry and government an opportunity to work together and share views and ideas.
Qualified volunteers from VPP sites are eligible to participate in the SGE program. These volunteers must be approved by OSHA and funded by their companies to participate. All applicant must complete an annual financial disclosure statement. All OSHA managers complete the same form..After submitting an application and completing the required training, these volunteers are sworn in as SGEs and are approved to assist as VPP on-site evaluation team members.
As VPP grows, the support of SGEs will continue to be a critical component of the programs. The SGE Program encompasses the spirit of VPP - industry, labor, and government cooperation. This cooperation embodies the idea of continuous improvement, which allows SGEs to bring a unique perspective to the team effort and take back to their sites ideas and best practices to further improve worker protections.
Positive comments from participating in the onsite reviews are illustrated by the SGE’s themselves.
"The benefits to the company of participating as an SGE on a VPP on-site team include observing how another company meets similar challenges that our facilities face, developing a relationship with OSHA personnel—including those who normally work in compliance, networking with another company’s safety managers, and creating greater appreciation and respect for our company by another company and OSHA." – Steve Hays, Georgia Pacific Corporate Safety Manager

"I began serving in the SGE capacity in 2000. Since that time I have

had numerous opportunities to work with OSHA on audits, network with the field coordinators, and mentor several sites. These experiences have expanded my knowledge of safety practices and of what it takes to manage a business in America. This has been an eye opener and has provided me with invaluable opportunities that have changed my perspective on how one can safely work in any job capacity." - Belinda Ralston, Chevron Phillips Chemical, LP, Cedar Bayou Plant, Baytown, Texas

We at OSHA hope you will consider applying for the SGE program and please let me know what I can do to help.


John Newquist

Assistant Regional Administrator


815-354-6853 (cell)

Region V Schedule - Revised 11/14/16

SiteCity, StateOnsite DatesTeam Lead/Contact
Equistar Chemicals LP LyonedellBasell IndustriesFairport Harbor, OH12/13-15/2016Julie Weis
Equistar Chemicals LP LyonedellBasell IndustriesFairport Harbor, OH12/13-15/2016Julie Weis
Monsanto Thomasboro, IL12/13-25/2016Candra Jefferson
Delta Air Lines ReservationsCincinnati, OH1/18/2017Melissa Linton
BASFAppleton, WI1/16-19/2017Kelly Bubolz
Occidental ChemicalChicago, IL1/23-27/2017Nancy Mugavero
GE Reuter StokesTwinsburg, OH1/24-25/2017Julie Weis
GE Reuter StokesTwinsburg, OH1/24-25/2017Julie Weis
WestRock - BridgeviewBridgeview, IL1/24-26/2017Candra Jefferson
WestRock - BridgeviewBridgeview, IL1/24-26/2017Candra Jefferson
Steris Isomedix ServicesLibertyville, IL2/6-10/2017Jim Lutz
Marathon Petroleum TT&R Columbus ComplexColumbus, OH2/20/2017Melissa Linton
Marathon Petroleum TT&R Columbus ComplexColumbus, OH2/20/2017Melissa Linton
Turner Construction Company Cincinnati, OH3/13/2017Melissa Linton
Cristal USA Plant 2Ashtubula, OH3/20/2017Julie Weis
Cristal USA Plant 2Ashtubula, OH3/20/2017Julie Weis
IP International PaperFon du Lac, WI3/20-23/2017Kelly Bubolz
Cristal USA Plant 1Ashtubula, OH3/20-24/2017Julie Weis
Cristal USA Plant 1Ashtubula, OH3/20-24/2017Julie Weis
Danfoss Power SolutionsFreeport, IL3/21-23/2017Candra Jefferson
Monsanto Ag, SectorGreenville, OH4/3/2017Melissa Linton
GE HealthcareMedical DiagnosticsArlington Heights, IL4/4-6/2017Candra Jefferson
GCP Applied TechnologiesChicago, IL4/10-14/2017Nancy Mugavero
Georgia Pacific Green Bay, WI4/24-27/2017Kelly Bubolz
Expera Speciality SolutionsDePere5/8-11/2017Kelly Bubolz
Georgia Pacific Corrugated IIIWest Chester, OH5/9/2017Melissa Linton
GE IvanhoeCleveland, OH5/9-11/2017Julie Weis
GE IvanhoeCleveland, OH5/9-11/2017Julie Weis
Kimberly Clark X MillNeenah, WI6/5-8/2017Kelly Bubolz
MonsantoFarmer City, IL6/13-15/2017Candra Jefferson
Battelle Hazardous Materials Research CenterWest Jefferson, OH6/15/2017Melissa Linton
Battelle Hazardous Materials Research CenterWest Jefferson, OH6/15/2017Melissa Linton
FitesaGreen Bay, WI7/17-20/2017Kelly Bubolz
Ruscilli ConstructionColumbus, OH7/24/2017Melissa Linton
Ruscilli ConstructionColumbus, OH7/24/2017Melissa Linton
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)Battle Creek, MI8/7-11/2017Nancy Mugavero
Mohawk Fine PaperAshtubula, OH8/29-31/2017Julie Weis

Team Leader Contacts:
Nancy Mugavero, mugavero.nancy@dol.gov, 312-886-6289
Candra Jefferson, jefferson.candra@dol.gov, 630-896-8700
Sukhvir Kaur, kaur.sukhvir@dol.gov, 847-803-4800
Dustin Miller, miller.dustin@dol.gov, 618-632-8612
Dale Henderson, henderson.dale@dol.gov, 513-841-4132
Julie Weis, weis.julie@dol.gov, 216-447-4194
Melissa Linton, linton.melissa@dol.gov, 614-469-5582
Kelly Bubolz, bubolz.kelly@dol.gov, 920-734-4521
Mary Bauer, bauer.mary@dol.gov, 715-832-9019
Leslie Ptak, ptak.leslie@dol.gov, 608-441-5388
Jim Lutz, lutz.james@dol.gov, 414-297-3315